15 Expert iPhone Techniques for the Year 2023

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If you’ve had your iPhone for a long, you may not be aware of all of its amazing capabilities. These hints and suggestions will save you time and effort by obviating the need to do mundane operations on your iPhone. Intrigued? Read on to learn how to get the most of your iPhone.

  1. make your own set of AssistiveTouch motions

AssistiveTouch allows you to rapidly access features on your iPhone, such as capturing screenshots, using the camera, and more.

Here’s how you can use AssistiveTouch on your iPhone to snap a screenshot with a single tap:

  1. To begin, open Accessibility in your iPhone’s Settings.
  2. #2, go with Touch.
  3. step is to select the AssistiveTouch option.

The fourth step is to activate AssistiveTouch.
5 Choose the Single-Tap option.
Select Screenshot from the menu.

7 Take a screenshot by tapping the little grey symbol whenever you’re ready.

AssistiveTouch provides much more options than this. To learn more about how to utilise AssistiveTouch on an iPhone, you may review our detailed guide.

2.Use the swiping motion to start typing.

In iOS 13 and later, you can type with a swipe of your finger. Swiping over the keyboard will accomplish the work of tapping the keys.

Although the iPhone’s swipe-to-type feature may seem complicated at first, it’s actually rather simple to use. And once you get the hang of it, you can type much more quickly than before.

If you want to compose a word, you’ll have to swipe across your keyboard and tap each letter individually.

3. Make Substitutions in the Text

Do you ever find yourself using really convoluted phrases or words? Recoding them into shorter ones that you can readily remember will save you from having to type them in every time.

As an example, “hyperrealism and Photorealism” might be abbreviated to “hp.” Therefore, from now on, you may replace that term with “hp” whenever you need to enter it. Your iPhone will automatically substitute the proper expression or term.

This tip is accessible via the iPhone feature Text Replacement. It simply takes a few minutes to get everything set up. However, make use of brief, simple terms that won’t take much effort to recall.

4. Increase the time between charges

If I had to choose one complaint I’ve heard from iPhone owners, it would be the device’s rather short battery life. However, with a few alterations, you can extend the battery life of your gadget.

Turning off location services, using auto-brightness (yes, screen brightness can effect battery life), and laying your iPhone face-down are all good practises. Nope, not these!

5. Take a selfie while listening to music.

True enough. Using the headphones or earbuds on your iPhone, you can take a selfie. If you want to snap a selfie from a distance or don’t have a selfie stick, this is a great option. How? Read on!

Hook up your iPhone to your headphones or earbuds.
Step 2: Access the iPhone’s camera.
Third, shoot by either increasing or decreasing the level on your headphones or earbuds.

6. Adjustable Main Menu

Storing frequently-used iPhone functions in the Control Centre brings them within easy reach. Insert icons for various functions, such as turning on and off the flashlight, changing the brightness, operating household appliances, and more.

To go to the Control Centre and customise its action icons, you can:

Step 1: Go to your device’s settings.
Step 2: access the Dashboard.
Third, activate the Control Centre from within other apps by toggling Access Within Apps on.

  1. Select the Control Centre widget you wish to add by tapping the Add icon next to it.

So long! To access the widget you just created, slide down from the top right corner of the screen.

To use your iPhone to control your home’s appliances, you may also need to turn on Show Home Controls. When enabled, the Control Centre will also provide access to settings for many home conveniences.

7. Calculator with instant deletion

Did you know that the calculator app allows you to erase individual digits (rather than all of them at once)?

When I first learned about it, I was the same age as I am now. Not even close! You may accomplish this by swiping your finger left or right over the calculator’s displayed numbers. We’d get rid of the final digit.

8. Put your iPhone in single-app mode

If you have a child or a visitor that you don’t want to see your images, this iPhone hack will come in useful. The iPhone accomplishes this with the help of a function called Guided Access.

When activated, Guided Access prevents your child or anyone else from launching any other apps until you disable it with your passcode or Face ID. In addition, the aforementioned software has a locking option.

Guided Access can be set up by:

Step 1: Go to your device’s settings.
Step 2: Navigate to the Accessibility menu.
Third, click the Guided Access button at the bottom.
Turn on the “Guided Access” switch .

5 Select the Passcode Options menu.
Conveniently, all you have to do is press the Guided Access Passcode button.
Put in your PIN: When disabling Guided Access, this is required.
Seventhly, if you so choose: Guided Access may be made more secure by using Face ID or Touch ID.
After initialization, you will have the ability to launch and secure any programme. Launch the Photos app as an example. You may now lock your iPhone within the Photos app by pressing the side (power) button three times to engage guided access.

Guided Access may be disabled with Face ID by pressing the side button twice. If you want to use a passcode, you’ll need to push the side button three times.

9. Use a timer to pause the music

Do you really not want your music to stop when you turn in for the night? After playing for a predetermined amount of time, the game will automatically end. How? Read on!

To use the Clock, first open it.

2. Select the Timer button (lower right).
Third, move the digits to the desired hour, minute, and second.
Fourth, when the timer beeps, tap.
Select the “Stop Playing” option at the very end of the page.
In the upper right, select Set.

To begin the music countdown timer, go to Step 7.

The timer will allow you to listen to music without having to worry about remembering to turn it off.

10. Gauge the size of items and people

Do you want to learn more about how your iPhone can use augmented reality? You should also start employing it as a measurement device.

However, you can only use this function if your iPhone has a built-in LiDAR scanner. Therefore, if you want to measure the height of an item or person, you need to use an iPhone 12 Pro or later.

If you want to know how to calculate height using an iPhone, check out our demonstration video.

11. Pre-configure back-tap actions

It turns out that everything on your iPhone is priceless. The Apple logo on the back of your iPhone now supports custom gestures in iOS 10 and later.

Back Tap gesture activation is achieved by:

Step 1: Go to your device’s settings.
Step 2: Navigate to the Accessibility menu.
Lastly, press the Touch button.
The fourth step is to tap the back arrow.
Here you may select a gesture for the Double Tap or Single Tap command.

You may now watch the magic happen when you tap once or twice on the Apple logo that sits behind your iPhone. Try these solutions if you are having issues installing Back Tap.

12. Keep your sign in your iPhone’s email

Sending an email through the native Mail app on an iPhone or iPad allows you to automatically include a signature. However, it is incompatible with the Gmail mobile app

In order to create and store your iPhone email signature:

Step 1: Go to your device’s settings.
Step 2: Find “Mail” and click it.
The third step is to locate the Signature button at the very end.
Enter your name and electronic signature here.

5.Select Mail in the upper right corner to return to the previous screen. Here are some examples of the results of using Tip 12

Now, have a go at utilising the in-built Mail app to send a message. Your signature will appear at the conclusion.

13. Use Siri

Many Apple users are already familiar with Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant. However, many people probably still don’t know how to properly install and utilise it. However, you can relax knowing that Siri will save you a tonne of time and effort because it does so much more than just search and locate.

14. Voice-activated iPhone unlocking

Setting up a voice control allows you to unlock your iPhone without touching it or looking at it. This is not a secure method of unlocking your smartphone, therefore I wouldn’t use it. How? Read on!

Select Accessibility in the Settings menu.

  1. Pick the Voice Control option.
    Turn on Voice Control by selecting the appropriate option.
    Select the Commands tab, then tap the Customise button.
  1. Select the New Command option.
    Enter a phrase or term that will stick in your mind.
    Select Action (6), then tap Run Custom Gesture (6).

7 Make sure your tapped locations match the passcode combinations you’ve set up. Without that, it’s useless.

Select the Save option.

Then, select New Command in the upper left corner to return.
To finish, hit the “Save” button.
To activate your iPhone, simply repeat the passcode aloud. You may also use our instructions here if you’ve forgotten your passcode and are unable to use Face ID to unlock your device.

15. Ways to disable app tracking

iOS 14.5 added a new privacy feature to iPhones and iPads called anti-tracking. When this setting is activated, applications will no longer be able to monitor your online activity. This will stop them from bombarding you with irrelevant advertisements.

How? Read on!

Activate the configurations menu by pressing 1.
Second, choose Tracking from the Privacy menu.
Turn off the option labelled “Allow apps to request to track.”

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