The Sony project Q handheld is running Android in a Leaked video

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The new video might reply no less than one of our many consuming inquiries concerning Sony’s confounding response to the Switch and Steam Deck.

No less than one of our inquiries concerning the Sony Venture Q handheld game-streaming gadget has apparently been replied by another spilled video posted by Zuby_Tech on Twitter (through Reddit/Imgur). In it, an essential rendition of Android operating system running on a plastic-wrapped gadget shows a basic menu framework and a QR code. It’s extremely dubious this is what the last form of the handheld’s menu will seem to be, however it gives us a thought what’s running in the engine, at any rate.

(Image credits zuby tech)

The individual making the video rapidly taps through the menu, then begins rolling the handheld once again to show the top, back, and lower part of it. The low goal makes it hard to tell a lot. You can make out what resemble a bunch of four buttons behind the tablet piece of the gadget on the top, focused openings on the top and base edge of the tablet (receivers, perhaps?), and what has all the earmarks of being speaker spaces on the top edge.

(Image credits zuby tech)

In the event that you need a superior glance at the Venture Q, look at our inclusion of its May declaration, when Sony said it will be a 8-inch tablet outlined by DualSense regulators that won’t remain on its own like the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Deck. All things considered, it’ll exist as an extra for the PS5 that will stream games from your control center — making it more similar to the Nintendo Wii U.

That might appear to be silly, yet Sony has additionally been trying cloud gaming for the PS5, and we’ve conjectured the organization could ultimately run those games on the Task Q too. In any case, the new handheld could be coming in November and Sony’s new way to deal with cloud gaming may not be prepared in time for that send off.

Sony gave next to no other insight regarding the Undertaking Q at its PlayStation Grandstand declaration. We realize it utilizes a 1080p LCD show running at 60fps, and it utilizes Wi-Fi to interface with a PS5. Running Android, however, implies it ought to (and ideally will?) be able to do substantially more.

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